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Spectrum Analyzer cannot work on WPF

Apr 2, 2012 at 10:27 AM


I implemented your Specturm Anlyzer to my project, i added Bass.NET and others thing need to run but i cannot run Spectrum Anlyzer,

please see my code block:

on XAML:

<BandedSpectrumAnalyzer:ReflectionControl Grid.Row="1"
                    <BandedSpectrumAnalyzer:SpectrumAnalyzer x:Name="spectrumAnalyzer"
                                 BarHeightScaling="Decibel" />
On code:
 public MainWindow()
            BassEngine bassEngine = BassEngine.Instance;
            bassEngine.PropertyChanged += BassEngine_PropertyChanged;
            UIHelper.Bind(bassEngine, "CanStop", StopButton, Button.IsEnabledProperty);
            UIHelper.Bind(bassEngine, "CanPlay", PlayButton, Button.IsEnabledProperty);
            UIHelper.Bind(bassEngine, "CanPause", PauseButton, Button.IsEnabledProperty);
            UIHelper.Bind(bassEngine, "ChannelLength", ProgressSlider, Slider.MaximumProperty);
And when i guess when BassEngine.Instance.Play(); SpectrumAnalyzer will render visualization but i can see any change on my UI.
I missed something or something else...
Please help me.
Thanks & regards.
P.S: i can't find any document to use this library